Human evolution has reached a point in which we no longer adapt to our environment. We adapt the environment to our needs. Psychic power is the next step in evolution. Making humans capable of turning reality into what they need… or want.

It is about a modern world in which psychic phenomenon is covert but common place. The players are part of a UN world wide organization that keeps the public from finding out about psychic powers and the organizations around them. And also to investigate, comprehend and develop technology based on this abilities.

The tone is kind of dark, a politically heavy setting with lots of hidden agendas, conspiracies, occult societies and danger lurking every corner. Espionage, covering facts, revealing the truth behind paranormal activity (only to those who need to know); are all part of the characters’ job description.

The main premise is that, no matter where in time or place, everything is linked in some way to psychic powers. From Jesus and his miracles, to Hitler and his control over the Nazis. Urban and folklore legends have some truth to them: mythical beasts, hunted houses, aircraft desapearances? they are all different manifestations of the power of one, or many people.

Agents of Shadows