Agents of Shadows

Session 6 (Part 1)

It was already late at night after the events of last session. The characters are at the parking lot.

EXCERPT FROM LODREN’S JOURNAL – Instead of the standard d20 issued to every agent, we were told we’d be given d10’s. Apparently, some pencil pusher named Cook developed a way to translate one mechanic to the other, and viceversa. The agency found the d10’s more to their liking, and told us we’d be carrying out our missions with them. Our old d20’s would become obsolete as far as the agency is concerned. Office politics…

Lodren gets a call

While waiting for orders, Lodren receives a call from his long gone estranged brother, Ledron. Unable to speak, Lodren hangs up, takes a picture of his scarred neck and sends it attached to a message saying “Can’t talk”. A little later the message is answered with “I know, We know what you do, and we might use your help” Lodren twitched and replied “I’ll contact you later”.

ST – Actually, this was the first time I used a technique called “Fishing” in which you half describe a scene and tell the player to flesh it out. What I told him was “you receive a call from someone who you thought would never contact you again. Who is it and what does he/she tell you?. I was pleased with the result!

The briefing

Little after the characters got to arrive to the parking lot, two other agents(agent captain Jay Smith and his subordinate) and a small squad of intel operatives. The scene was hidden from the public by making it seem as though the site was going to undertake some repairs in infra structure.

Captain Smith gave the characters a little briefing into the situation. He told them an elevator was found, and resonance showed the tunnel went down an estimate of eight hundred meters. He also told them a ventilation tunnel was found which also went down several hundred meters. All security cameras in the building and near building had been shut down or incapacitated. Lodren responded by stating (in sign language, of course) that such an action would have alerted the the facility’s security down bellow. Smith states that, for no good reason in his opinion, Nicolette had left him second in command. So this operative was his to bring to realization.

After a little discussion and some hostilities between Lodren and Smith. The captain orders Both his subordinate and Kate to wait outside. After this he tells Lodren “I blame this situation on you, Nicolette hasn’t been the same ever since you got into her unit. If anything goes wrong down there I’m making you responsible” angrily Lodren replies “I don’t know what your talking about, and whatever goes wrong down there is your responsibility”.

Down the Ventilation Tunnel

After deciding the character’s team would go down the ventilation and Captain smith’s would go down the elevator’s tunnel. Lodren and Kate enter the ventilation harnessed to extra long ropes. Once inside, they both spot laser motion detectors. Realizing they were immobile, they decide it better to avoid them by being careful with their movements. this makes them go slower than expected and spend forty minutes just going down the tunnel. Once down at the ventilation system, they find an obstacle in the form of a turbine rotating and blocking their pass.

After some minutes thought, Lodren decides the best way to get trough is by letting his sword fall in it and inflict on it as much damage as possible, even if this meant making the enemy aware of their presence.

ST – actually, at this point the ropes had already touched the lasers several times… so taking any precautions at this point was really futile, didn’t think of that, you guys, huh?

After this, they went down to find the bottom of the tunnel and several sub divisions of it leading to four different directions (north, south, east and west, actually) the team decided to head north and found (ironically enough) The elevator’s tunnel. Not willing to go back, The characters go down the lasting bit in the tunnel and step on top of the motionless elevator at the bottom.

Into the facility

Lodren finds a little ventilation whole right on top of the elevator’s door. He takes a peek to see if there’s anything waiting on the other side. He’s surprised by the sight of two guards, each with a bullet whole through their head.

The characters step into the room and discover it to be a reception room. Labor hours were already done. So it was empty. approaching the reception desk the characters discover some security monitors, most of them showing no image.on closer inspection, they spotted a pop up on a computer monitor calling for reinforcements to conference room 7.

Separate ways

Ignoring this, The characters make separate ways. Kate to the security offices and Lodren to the Labs. And both decide to take the ventilation as a means of travel, and thus avoid notice.

Kate, now in the ventilation, goes all the way to the hallways finding nobody guarding it. She makes it all the way to the offices and locker room realizing there’s no one there. She descends to investigate and realizes it seemed as though people abruptly left the locker room while making use of it.

Into the labs

To the conference Room

Nicolette, are you ok?

Let’s Stay a little longer

Everybody out, now!

What the hell was that?

At the base



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