Agents of Shadows

The story so far

Session 1

Just a really random adventure to see the characters in action.

There were two battles… that really came out of nowhere.

Session 2

After the incidents of adventure one, Lodren has been hurt and is transferred to a hospital managed by the Gary Gygax Institute.

The characters manage to take down a suspect while he’s trying to scape the facility. They are then asked to join the Institute by Nicolette Bodine who is to become their immediate superior.

Session 3

The adventurers are called to their first official mission.

There have been strange happenings in the little village of Aquinostlan. The adventurers are set to find out what causes them. They find lots of local legends. But the truth is revealed to be that a psychopathic resident, Ricardo Martinez, has been implanted a device which makes his very nightmares become tangible reality.

The device has the logo of a famous Pharmaceutical company on it: Raincoat Pharmaceutical.

FROM LODREN’S REPORT – I was injured during the fight with the two displacer beasts. One of them clawed my neck, slicing it and injuring my vocal chords. The medics were able to stabilize me, but my life would come at the price of my voice.

Session 4

The adventurers infiltrate into the main business building of Raincoat Pharmaceutical. The infiltration doesn’t go as planned, there’s an accident in one of the labs and the building is shut down.

Having hacked the computational network of the building, the adventurers, assisted by a hacker from the agency, are able to get to the top of the building and retrieve the information they sought from the main computer (not connected to the network).

In the last second of the downloading process. The alarm is activated and the building comes to an alert state. The windows shut, and security is mobilized to find, capture and exterminate the intruders.

Session 5

Wave after wave of military trained security arrives to the characters’ position.

They are forced to head for the roof. Once there, they have to face one last battle before being able to scrape down the building.

The three adventurers go down first, Nicolette watching the roof for them. Little before Lodren makes it to the bottom (since he was the last one) Nicollette is attacked by a new wave of enemies. Lodren tries to go up again. When Nicollette realizes this, she cuts the rope holding him and tell’s the characters to leave.

One moment after, Nicollettes eyes start to glow with a strange green. A blinding glow emerges from her possition and, when the adventurers recover sight and look up again see Nicollette is no longer there.

Nicollettes gear allows the adventurers to follow her trail by car. Not surprisingly,though, they are chased by 3 fully equiped Military veacles.

The adventurers, and the Hacker driving the veacle they are in, managge to defeat the enemy by making them explode and collide.

The signal is lost into a public parking lot before the characters arrive.



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