Gary Gygax Institute

The Gary Gygax Institute is an organization dedicated to the research of Psychic abilities, the development of technology around it and the control of Psychic phenomena in the united states of America.


Founded in 1892 be the condecorated military and renown neurobiologist Gary Gygax. The public purpose of the institute was that of studying the brain.

In reality, The institute also was founded by Gygax (as a reaction to the US’ government incapacity to control psychic social manifestations)with the lateral purpose of developing psychic technology and creating a police for illicit psychic activity in the United States and wherever necessary.

In 1947 (Long after the death of Gygax in 1917)the institute was assimilated into the UN Paranormal control and research division and started being regulated by it’s normative. At this time, the institute had several problems with the US government for being considered an illicit psychic organization (Despite it’s efforts in maintaining the status quo). Had it not been for the intervention of the UN Paranormal control and research division, which found the organization to be far more capable and effective than the US government in matter relating the control of psychic activity, the institute would have been dismantled.

Inner Structure

Gary Gygax Institute

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